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Give your EZPOG planograms a professional finish.

As an EZPOG subscriber, you can now acquire superior quality image data to incorporate seamlessly into your planograms with EZPICS.

With EZPICS you can either purchase image data or, FOR THE FIRST TIME, you can lease your images from an unparalleled image database.


Subscribers can purchase images the traditional way which offers the flexibility to use image files throughout your organization, e.g. marketing, e-commerce, imaged shelf label strips, etc.

Or… since EZPOG is in the cloud, FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER, you may lease the images you need for your EZPOG planograms, at a fraction of the cost of ownership. The EZPICS leasing option offers the ultimate hands-off experience for our clients and guarantees beautiful, professional images and accurate product attribute data.

Taking advantage of our innovative cloud-based functionality, all images and attributes are stored in the cloud where they are instantaneously accessible to all authorized EZPOG users within your company. Gone are the days when every user was responsible for updating their own databases, often spanning multiple categories.

EZPICS images are captured digitally as TARGA files with multiple views for each product. Every image is paired with a corresponding product attribute record that includes the product’s UPC, manufacturer, description, and all dimensions.

EZPICS images purchased are compatible with all popular planogram software systems.

EZPICS image databases are available for all consumer packaged goods industries including: Apparel, Automotive, Grocery, HBC, Beverage, Mass Merchandise, Office Products, Pet and Toy.

Should your image requirement revolve around e-commerce, web development, marketing, catalogues, 3D marketing analysis, or 360 degree imaging, EZPICS can provide a full range of images and attributes specific to these marketing needs.

To learn more about the value of an EZPICS Image database, please call 631-775-5800 or email info@ezpog.com


What is EZPICS Anyway?

EZPICS is a one of a kind image data management program.

You will receive access to our comprehensive library with the highest quality images along with matching product data with no effort necessary!

Why would I want EZPICS?

If you want professional, powerfully effective planograms, image can be everything. You will want to add images simply, easily and at low cost without hiring a photographer or graphic designer. Now, you don’t have to buy images, you can lease them with EZPICS. They’ll show up instantly in your EZPOG workgroup with no maintenance required on your part. So you can focus your time and efforts on planogramming. If you maintain a category subscription or lease you can send in product for capture at no additional fee.

Who needs EZPICS?

Everyone who needs quality product images and accurate product data. With EZPICS it’s not necessary to invest in expensive camera equipment and photo editing software – simply tell us what product categories you’re interested in and voila!

How does EZPICS Image Leasing Work?

Until now, if you required quality product images to display or print in a planogram, you only had two choices. You could go through the lengthy and labor intensive process of measuring, photographing, and editing each image yourself, or you could choose the more costly route of purchasing image data files from a third party provider.

Why use a bazooka to kill a fly?

As an EZPOG subscriber, you can access EZPICS; the innovative image database delivery whereby, for the first time, you can lease high quality images at a fraction of the cost of licensing. You will save money while delivering superior professional presentations.

To learn more about the value of an EZPICS Image database, please call 631-775-5800 or email info@ezpog.com

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