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EZPOG Lite Planogram Software

The World's Easiest Planogram Software

Learn to planogram in hours anywhere there is an Internet connection. Save computer storage space and valuable time in your day.

Today, more than ever before, manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers appreciate the value of an efficiently optimized, high-quality visual representation of the shelf-set at retail.

Lite has all the features you’ll need to get you from visualization to presentation using to-scale images and dimensions


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What is EZPOG Lite Anyway?

EZPOG Lite is the entry-level planogram development tool that is easy to learn and easier to use. It is for when you need a professional looking planogram that you can access quickly from anywhere. Use it from your desktop, your laptop, or your tablet to quickly and easily generate planograms in the cloud. Save time. Save storage. Save money. Look professional and deliver the story you want to tell.

EZPOG Lite is everything first time users and planogram developers need to build and present a visual representation of a shelf-set with little or no analysis required.

Why Would I Want EZPOG Lite?

EZPOG Lite is simply the fastest, most affordable, and most efficient user-friendly planogram system available. An EZPOG Lite planogram provides that all-important visual impact that is missing from a spreadsheet, and provides the details that cannot be conveyed by any image editing tool.

Who Needs EZPOG Lite?

EZPOG is designed for everyone in retailing, manufacturing, or wholesaling who needs a professional visual representation of a shelf-set. Whether they need to build, modify, or quickly print a picture, EZPOG is the simplest, most efficient, and most accessible option available.

Whether you are on the go or in the office, cloud-based EZPOG Lite is the ideal tool for retail and manufacturer personnel to verify planogram compliancy remotely, right in front of the in-store shelf.

Buying EZPOG Lite?

Purchasing EZPOG Lite is simple and it only costs $499 for a yearly subscription.


Buy ezpog lite now

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