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EZPOG Premium Planogram Software

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EZPOG Premium is the sophisticated cloud-based planogram development tool for those who want to push beyond visual presentation into advanced product visualization and financial-based analysis and implementation.

EZPOG Premium is a full-feature planogram system that offers all of the presentation components of our Lite version, and adds a suite of advanced features including the ability to integrate with other planogram tools by sharing files.

These features allow you to make sense out of your Point of Sale (POS) data by importing product performance tables, generating custom reports, custom print layouts, custom highlighting and more!

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What is EZPOG Premium Anyway?

EZPOG Premium is a powerful, full-featured planogram system that offers the robust functionality of traditional computer-based programs at a fraction of the cost. Both easy to learn and easy to use, not only can you create and edit visually powerful planograms, but EZPOG Premium also comes with all the necessary tools to analyze available data to improve performance at the shelf.

EZPOG Premium is cloud-based. This means that your planogram files and your product images reside on a remote EZPOG server accessible to you and your team from any computer or tablet with an Internet connection anywhere in the world. EZPOG Premium provides a flexibility and efficiency that computer-based planogram systems simply cannot provide.

EZPOG Premium is the most efficient way to turn you into a full-service planogram department. It’s the low cost planogram solution that the large space management software houses don’t want you to know about.

Why Would I Want EZPOG Premium?

Don’t you want the best tool at the best price? Well, here it is.

EZPOG Premium is a full-featured planogram development system that sells for a fraction of the cost of other competitive systems. It is easy to learn and simple to use. There is no longer any need to dedicate hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars to learn how to operate your planogram system.

EZPOG Premium was designed by hands-on planogrammers each with over 30-years of experience. We built it for smaller businesses that may not have years and years of experience and for larger companies whose workload requirements are ever increasing but whose manpower allocations are not. EZPOG Premium makes analyzing and presenting your planograms easy.

EZPOG Premium utilizes its state of the art cloud-based structure to provide users with system enhancements and updates as soon as they become available at no extra cost. No other competitive system does that. This means that when we improve the system by making planogramming faster, easier, and more efficient, you aren’t asked to pay extra as you are with other systems.

And since planogramming is about improving profitability, with EZPOG Premium you can maximize your bottom line with a multi-license discount.

Who Needs EZPOG Premium?

If you are a manufacturer, wholesaler, or retailer – you do.

If you need to receive, modify, analyze and then send planogram files then you need EZPOG Premium. If you want to present a professionally formatted planogram that tells your story of profitability then you need EZPOG Premium. If you’re committed to gaining retail space in the fastest and most affordable way possible then you need EZPOG Premium.

Whether you build a few planograms a year or thousands; are a single operator or work in a volume corporate environment; whether you work in an office or out of your car, EZPOG Premium will make your life easier and more productive.

How Much More is EZPOG Premium?

Actually, not that much. For only a little more than the cost of EZPOG Lite, and at a fraction of the cost of other systems, you can now have all the functionality you need to create advanced product visualization coupled with financial-based analysis. It is only $1299 for a single user, but if you take advantage of EZPOG Premium's multi-license discount you can purchase 2 or more for $1099.

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