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Alfred Lozito, Jr.
Chief Executive Officer, WebPhoria Technologies, LLC.

Who says an organizational mind can’t have the heart and soul of an entrepreneur? Alfred Lozito has been seeking new avenues and envisioning better business solutions while starting, building, or growing businesses since he turned his focus away from the political arena in 1975. (Mr. Lozito held administrative, operational and advance positions in state, national and presidential campaigns after graduating from St John’s University with a BA in Political Science in 1972.)

In 1976 Al joined ABD Sales, a large Northeastern food brokerage company, in order to oversee the management of their rapidly growing IT department. He quickly advanced from this role to Office Manager, Director of Administration and Vice President-Administrative Services where he oversaw the internal management of 20 million in annual sales revenue for the companies ABD represented.

During his tenure as VP Administrative Services, Al had the opportunity to create and spin off several startup businesses. In 1986 he created and managed Metro Mark Integrated Systems; the first software company to offer EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) systems across micro, mid-range and mainframe computers. In 1990 Metro Mark was acquired by Sterling Software.

Al then partnered with Pat LaManna, a former colleague at ABD who had just started Space Management Service Bureau (SMSB). SMSB was created to offer the services of planogram development, category management and image data capture to small and large companies in the consumer packaged goods industry (CPG). Through innovation, and anticipating and responding to the changing CPG business landscape, the company continually expanded its superior quality services and became the SMSB Consulting Group where Mr. Lozito has since served as Chief Executive Officer.

While many had their noses buried in their desktop, Al and Pat set their sights on the cloud. In 2009, now with over 38 years in the CPG industry, they anticipated the growing industry needs for a simple, highly effective web-based software solution that can be used across all platforms by industry professionals and small business alike. With WebPhoria Technologies, the company responsible for the development and sale of EZPOG, Al brought this idea to life.

Jason DeRienzo
Executive Vice President Sales, WebPhoria Technologies, LLC.

To be both successful and comfortable in a sales role you must be a people-person. If Jason DeRienzo is anything, he is a people-person. It’s his unique blend of interpersonal skills and well-rounded experience in the Consumer Packaged Goods Industry that enable him to manage Business Development and Product Development for both SMSB Consulting Group and WebPhoria Technologies.

After graduating from Western Connecticut State University with a BA in Human Resource Management, Jason began work at Nielson as one of their leading producers. It was here that he became one of the very first individuals to sell a space management application.

Jason also understands what is involved in getting products onto the shelves of major retailers. He has built this experience during his various sales related positions held at Bic and Castrol Automotive (now BP/Amoco). At Castrol, Jason was part of a specialized group of people comprised of The Partnering Group, Castrol, and a major automotive retailer chosen to implement the principles of Category Management within the automotive aftermarket industry.

Prior to joining WebPhoria/SMSB, Jason was the Vice President of Sales for Interactive Edge where he was able to double sales production. His passion for fulfilling the needs of a client is part what continues to allow Jason to drive sales. Complimented by his outgoing and charismatic nature, his ability to sell himself along with the first ever cloud-based planogram solution in EZPOG is the reason why Jason DeRienzo is a name you don’t forget, and EZPOG a planogram tool you won’t want to live without.

Richard Brown
Vice President Image Services, SMSB Consulting Group
Vice President Image Services, EZPICS

Richard Brown’s story is one where hard work and perseverance meet imagination. Imaging is everything and he learned this from the ground up.

When the founders of EZPOG wanted a superior imaging solution for EZPOG users they created EZPICS. Rich Brown was tapped as Senior VP of Imaging at EZPICS, ensuring that EZPOG users get state of the art images to build their planograms with the trademark easy user interface and revolutionary leasing opportunity, that they would expect with the world’s easiest planogram software. This ensures that our user’s final EZPOG product produces impressive and effective planogram presentations.

Rich began his Imaging career with the SMSB Consulting Group in 1992 as a Level I Studio Tech, photographing and dimensioning products. Here he found his passion in the Studio environment.

He worked with IT to design and develop the SMSB Digital Database Solution (DDS). Then as a Level II Studio Tech, Rich ensured the SMSB DDS helped streamline the image data capture process and provided for many efficiencies never before possible.

In 1997, after shepherding the successful launch and implementation of the DDS, Rich became Studio Manager. He directly oversaw the flow of product from receiving to final output and ensured that both levels of quality and employee accountability remained at highest level.

Rich was appointed Director of Image Services in 2003. With his fundamental understanding that technology is constantly changing and that SMSB imaging services lives on the cutting edge of that technology he spearheaded a complete revision of the image capture process in 2008 form a broadcast video environment to the implementation of Digital SLR cameras throughout the Studio, along with 360 degree image capture and 3D product modeling. He was appointed Vice President of Image Services for SMSB in 2008.

In 2014 with the birth of EZPICS Rich was the logical choice for Senior VP of Image Services for the new web based quality image resource for EZPOG users.

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