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Planogramming has never been easier, or more affordable than it is today with EZPOG – the leading cloud-based planogram solution.


Traditionally, planogram development was a highly specialized task requiring the use of expensive, resource intensive and burdensome desktop applications. EZPOG however, enables users to cut through those barriers to offer them freedom: the freedom to work from any PC, Mac, laptop or tablet with an Internet connection. EZPOG is 100% cloud-based, which means no complex software installations, no need for IT support techs, no cost-prohibitive upfront investment, and it offers the freedom to be up and running in minutes.

Here are just a few ways that EZPOG makes your task easier:

Instant planogram file sharing amongst colleagues.

Remember emailing planogram files and having large files rejected due to size limitations; having planogram files marked as junk as they fail the spam filter; or someone simply claiming they didn’t get the file? That doesn’t happen with EZPOG. All users within your Workgroup can access the same planogram files and can even set file permissions to protect their data from being altered.

Collaborate to create your custom product data and image libraries – available to all users within your workgroup.

Does someone down the hall have newer images than you do in your planogram, or access to products you’re missing from your library? All users within an EZPOG Workgroup have access to the same product data – a centralized easy-to-manage database that standardizes your planograms and your output, guaranteeing a professional looking report and presentation.

Work directly in the EZPOG cloud from any computer with an Internet connection.

Forget your laptop at home today? Or maybe the opposite: you’ve got a presentation first thing Monday morning and you’ve left your work in the office Friday evening. Login to your EZPOG account from anywhere and access your planograms, images and financial reporting – review it all from anywhere at any time regardless of what computer you’re using.

Cost-Effective and Feature-Packed Planogram Solutions

Does your office have only one or two copies of a heavyweight and costly planogram tool, forcing you to wait around for someone else to fit the changes you need into their schedule? EZPOG can import your old files allowing you to make your changes and send updated files to your accounts in a matter of minutes – all on your own schedule and at a mere fraction of the cost of other tools. Access to a tool of this caliber was once cost-prohibitive to many – years ago we shattered that barrier.

Scalable and Easy to Implement

There are no lengthy installations, no network security-team hoops to jump through. Be up and running in minutes. You can add licenses to your workgroup at any point, granting access to the work you’ve created to new employees, new sales members, analysts, validators, etc. Let your Workgroup grow as your business grows without skipping a beat.

Low Cost of Entry

Other leading desktop planogram applications can cost 20–30 times more than a single license of EZPOG without factoring in the installation, testing and training required. Let us help you stay within budget. We make space management accessible, cost-effective and, most importantly, EASY.

Computer Crash Protection

If you’ve never had a computer crash (or caused one yourself to crash) then you are in the lucky minority. Data recovery is not always possible and at that point your day quickly goes from bad to worse. As an EZPOG user, if your computer crashes you can simply access your data from any other computer. Your family vacation photos may be gone but your planogram files are safe with EZPOG.

Trusted and Reliable

EZPOG is used globally by leading manufacturers such as Red Bull, Diageo, Pernod-Ricard, Crown Imports, Wise Snacks, and hundreds more. Do they know something you don’t? Find out today by requesting a free trial.

Access to EZPICS

Only EZPOG users get access to EZPICS and its comprehensive image library, complete with the highest quality images and their matching product data. Compared to building and managing you own library, EZPICS with its unique options to either purchase or lease requires no effort, and provides you with everything you need to create professional-looking planograms.

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